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The main cause for the establishment of the College was to provide the highest quality education and training for trade unionists and their members, and now all workers and students of not only a Kenyan, but an intercontinental scope-initially done through conferences, workshops, symposia and seminars, and now specialized courses and training programmes are incorporated, making it a focus center for trade union-Plus education on the African continent and beyond.

In addition, it provides a venue for training and congregation for non-trade union clients, including government institutions and civil society organizations.

Feel free to explore our history & value added services. We are sure you will find us considerable.

& if you like what you see, hit the contacts button and we will be at your service any time.Thank you!


We offer professional courses at Diploma & Certificate levels as well as a conducive learning, Seminars or training environment to suite the needs of Unions & their affiliates, Students & Workers at large (both local & international). Please Check out our Courses offered page for more information.



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