Aims & Objectives




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The College offers trade union education and training programmes through conferences, workshops, symposia and seminars. It also offers short specialized courses and training programmes tailor-made to fit the needs of individual trade unions and their members. The College is a focus centre for trade union education in Eastern Africa and has extended its outreach to the African continent and beyond. The TMLC also played host to circuit Industrial Court system
The main objective of the College is to have a centre to provide the highest quality education and training for trade unionists and their members, having realized that high quality trade union and workers’ education would not only create the foundation for improved well being of workers but would also serve to promote the goal of effective representation of workers and efficient collective bargaining. This would then improve the country’s industrial relations system.
To build and strengthen the capacity of workers and trade union leaders through education and training,
knowledge and understanding for enhanced operations of trade union organizations and effective representation
A Centre of Excellence in trade union education and labour studies

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