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Below is the college’s administrative hierarchy





Head officials:

Tom mboya labour college is owned and primarily governed by the Central Organization of Trade Unions, Kenya, whose top official is the Secretary General, Bro. Francis Atwoli. For more precise information about the COTU (K)’s staff hierarchy, Please click on the respective logo at the top right corner or simply follow the link www.cotu-kenya.org.

Bro. Francis Atwoli: NOM (DZA), EBS, MBS He is the Secretary General, COTU (K)

Appointed board of Governors:

COTU (K) appointed prominent & dependable members of the grand union to play roles of leadership, supervisory, guidance management on behalf of the secretary general, to not only the union, but TMLC as well. This group of trustees is honorably titled, “The Board of Governors.” and include:-

Bro. Ernest Nadome

He is the Chairman Of the Board of Governors, First assistant to the Secretary General, COTU (K) & General Secretary Of Kenya Elecrical Traders & Allied Workers' Union. (KETAWU

Bro. Albert Njeru

He is Secretary Genaral, Kenya Union of Domestic , Hotels, Eductional Institutions, Hospitals and Allied Workers. (KUDHEIHA)

Bro. Francis .B. Wangara

He is the General Secretary, Keyna Union of sugar Plantation Workers (KUSPW)

Bro. Boniface Kavuvi

He is the General Secretary, Kenya Union of Commercial, Food & Allied Workers (KUCFAW)


Sis. Carolyn Rutto

She is the second assistant to the Secretary General, COTU (K)


Bro. Barasa Adams. He is a member and Personal assistant to the Secretary General, COTU (K).

Bro. Isaac Mbingi Okello

He is the Administrative Secretary, COTU (K)

Bro. Nicholas Oundo

He is the acting principal of Tom Mboya Labour College.

Please refer to the COTU (K)’s web site for more information on the above.

The Principal:

The TMLC principal is the secretary to the board of governors & C.E.O of the college.


This is the immediate assistant to the principal. handles & co-ordinates finances of the college.


Handles & co-ordinates finances of the college.

Heads of Departments:

They co-ordinate the day to day activities of the college.