COTU (k) Secretary General's Message on TMLC's 2015-2018 Startegic Plan.




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Bro. Francis Atwoli:

Review and subsequent development of Tom Mboya Labour College Strategic Plan (2015-2018) is truly a momentous achievement for the College. It provides the corporate plan for the College developed within the framework of changing labour market demands.

The document, therefore, heralds the beginning of a new chapter in the College’s operations: away from the business-as-usual mode to an era of focused identification and implementation of programmes, and accountability for results.

The Strategic Plan has been prepared in a participatory manner with input from key stakeholders, foremost being the Board of the College; TMLC Staff; Ministry of Education, Science and Technology; International Labour Organization (ILO); and Forum for International Cooperation (FIC).

These are transformational times for trade unions and inevitably the TMLC.

With the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya in 2010 and the inclusion of labour rights under the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, and transition to a county government system, trade unions have found themselves in a very different operational environment.

Indeed, the implementation of the county government system is the single biggest opportunity and challenge to the activities and operations of most trade unions.

Inclusion of workers rights in the Constitution guarantees the fundamental rights and freedoms at work.

This Strategic Plan has set in place a framework that seeks to position the TMLC in a favourable path to provide cutting-edge workers’ education and training, which will facilitate trade unions to secure the best terms and conditions of employment for their members.

Successful implementation of this Strategic Plan will depend to a great extent on the support of a number of players.

These include the Executive Board of the Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU-Kenya), officials of various trade unions affiliated to us, leadership of other trade unions that are not affiliated to COTU (K), members of trade unions, employers and Government.

On behalf of the COTU (K) Executive Board and on my own behalf, I wish to pledge our full commitment to ensuring that we achieve what has been elaborated in this Strategic Plan.

I call upon all unions, employers and the Government to positively identify with the TMLC as a preferred training institution. I also wish to call upon our stakeholders to aid the implementation process by providing feedback for improved implementation of the Strategic Plan, and better performance of the College. Together, let us secure, promote and protect the rights and welfare of all workers, and ensure that we build vibrant, democratic and well consolidated unions through effective workers’ education and training.

Br. Francis Atwoli - NOM (DZA), EBS, MBS.
Secretary General
Central Organization of Trade Unions

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